Video & YouTube Advertising.

Engaging your audience with video advertising

Video advertising isn’t a new concept - but the internet has radically changed the ways in which we can now deliver it. Dynamic content feed platforms like YouTube allow us to deliver your video content to audiences based on demographics, search behaviours, and interest areas - making our online video campaigns highly targeted and trackable.

It’s like television advertising, but not

Digital video advertising isn’t just limited to channels like YouTube: it also includes digital TV. From 9now and Plus7 to Tenplay and SBS On Demand, every network now has its own streaming platform – which offers more opportunities to deliver your video content to a captive audience. Increasingly, streaming is becoming the number one channel for consuming video-based content – which means we can help you reach your audience while they watch their favourite shows at a much lower cost than traditional TV advertising.

Video content - it’s the new blogging

The way we use video as a medium has changed. Thanks to the growth of networks like SnapChat, Instagram and YouTube, as well as the rise of vlogger (video blogging) culture, we’re used to receiving a wide range of messages via video – and that includes info from businesses. Using a video advertising platform allows us to deliver informative, entertaining content to your prospects and customers in a medium that’s much more dynamic and high impact than a static ad.

Reach and engage through video advertising

Video advertising in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Our video advertising teams, located in both Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, are well versed in knowing exactly which channels will give you the most bang for your advertising buck. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, keep your business top of mind, or simply drive sales, we’ll work with you to design a video advertising campaign that ticks all the right boxes.

Targeted videos for targeted audiences

Much like targeting in social media and programmatic advertising, targeting for video advertising also allows us to use demographic and psychographic data for users to get your ad in front of the right audience. On top of that, we can use the data we collect about your audiences to better target and continuously refine all of your future campaigns.

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